What Drives You? Finding Your “Why?” with Central Urethane

Everything we do, we do for a purpose.

No matter what it is we do, something motivates us to do it, whether we forge ahead or pause to seek guidance.

We have responsibilities to fulfill, expectations to uphold, and reputations to protect!

Expectations follow us everywhere, of course – and often, they aren’t even our expectations.

Voices from the past can speak loudly, can’t they? So can personal convictions, judgements, and societal “norms.”

The vast array of expectations we try to juggle – whether they are our own or someone else’s – can be overwhelming.

But when it comes down to it, it’s not the external expectations, but the internal motivations, that keep us afloat in the ups and downs of life.

The way we make it through the tough times – how we pass through the fire and come out the other side – defines who we are, both to ourselves and in our communities.

What motivates us, regardless of what we are trying to achieve, changes us, and helps us grow through the tough times, see the good times for what they are.

Do you know – off the top of your head – what motivates you to act, to work, to learn, to embrace life’s many twists and turns? 

Likely, the answers are plentiful!

So, let’s start smaller.

What brought you to the spray foam industry?

What is the primary motivation that keeps you in it?

What really drives you, pulling you forward, day after day?

Dissecting the daily grind can help you unearth your “Why?” – and once you know, you can work with that inner motivation to bring more fulfillment to your life!

Why to Find Your “Why?”

Sometimes, we are fooled into believing that the reason we do things, first and foremost, is to make money.

After all, making money is quite a perk, isn’t it?  

Having enough cash to attend to our basic needs without worry – like paying for groceries and the electric bill – is a blessing.

However, when those needs are met – and sometimes even when they aren’t – it’s typically not money that is our true motivator…

It’s not even what money buys that we are after…

Even if what we are after, in our understanding, requires more money to attain or achieve.

Take, for example, saving up to purchase that fancy high-end rifle you’ve always dreamed of owning.

Obviously, money saved toward that goal is to purchase that item, right? So, the goal, even at the surface, is to own that fancy bow or rifle, not to have the money…

But why do you want that rifle? Why not the one your grandfather gave you or that brand new model you saw at the gun show last week?

What does your dream rifle mean to you that the others don’t?

Finding Your True Motivation

Maybe you want to prove to yourself that you can purchase something you never thought you could afford…

(Let us just pause to say this: you are absolutely worth the investment! But also know that you are valuable with or without that your dream rifle!)

Or maybe that rifle is a symbol that you can do anything!

(You are capable of anything!!)

Or maybe you consider that particular rifle a prerequisite for going on a long-desired moose hunt in Alaska…

A place that feels like hope and adventure to you…

So, really, that dream rifle is a stepping stone toward personal freedom!

(Sound familiar?)

Obviously, the motivation behind saving money and purchasing this dream rifle isn’t money.

Sure, you want to visit Alaska – the ultimate place you associate with personal freedom – and maybe even harvest a moose while you’re there…

But, in reality, it’s not the trip – or even the gun – that you’re after, let alone money…

The real motivators are hope, adventure, and freedom.

What To Do with Your “Why?”

Here’s the thing:

If hope, adventure, and freedom are what you’re after, you don’t have to wait to go on your dream trip with your dream gun to find them!

Now, that does NOT mean you should give up on your dream of going hunting in Alaska. Alaska is fantastic, and taking that trip is an incredible goal! 

Recognizing what your dream actually represents, though, means while you work toward that dream rifle or trip, maybe you also find ways to cultivate hope and incorporate adventure in your everyday life

And, in that way, realize that personal freedom is a mindset – not a social status, or a destination, or a material object. 

In fact, freedom is always there to for you to find, most often residing in the simplest things in life – like in your daily devotional, your morning cup of coffee, or your family time.

Here’s the point we’re trying to make: 

When we discover and tend to our true motivations in life – the things that foster growth in our lives and fill our cups – even during difficult times, we can find fulfillment in our lives.

But to discover our motivations – which are often different depending on the area of life – we have to ask ourselves the tough questions, and answer honestly!


Why are you a spray foam contractor?

Was it so you can make your own schedule without a boss looking over your shoulder?

Or to fulfill your dream of starting a legacy business? 

Or to reinvent yourself in a world so quick to judge?

Whatever your motivation, we’d love to hear about it, and help you on your journey in any way we can!


At Central Urethane, we value you.

And not just for your business – we care deeply about who you are, what you do, and how things are going in your life.

We want you to keep going when times are tough – because sometimes, the only way out is through.

But you don’t need to face difficulties in your life alone.

If you need prayer, or just someone to talk to, give us a call!

We would love to help – or put you in contact with someone who can!

You are powerful and capable, even when you don’t feel like it.

We see you.

We believe in you.

And we are so very glad you’re part of the Central Urethane family.

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