Find hope in the spray foam industry

Finding Hope in the Spray Foam Industry

So many of us crave change in our lives.

We want to escape the people and expectations that overpower our hopes and dreams…

Express ourselves and explore the wilderness…

And find peace and prosperity in a different way of life.

Desires like these (among others) have landed each of us in a different spot – but most of us, in this small corner of the internet, are somehow connected to the spray foam business…

And sometimes, we forget what led us here.

When we get in the thick of things, it’s easy to forget that we came to this industry to find a new way to live…

To build a better future for ourselves and our families.

We forget that we want to be in this business – as a way to make ends meet, but also as a way to flourish in life… 

And although our deepest reasons for becoming spray foam contractors may be unique, it is important to know them, so we can maintain a healthy relationship with our work.

Work, after all, is not what makes us who we are, as much as our society wants to sell that idea to us…

We are so much more than that!

So, in this season of life “Spring-ing” from the Earth – a time of renewal and rebirth – why not take a look at how we can breathe new life into this industry together?

We foamers are a rugged group. But we can still be kind, still get our priorities in line, still choose to live in ways we can be proud of…

And remember that what we do truly can help the world – whether we spray foam, make it, sell it, or do something else altogether.

If we work together, we – the people of this industry – have the power to create a brighter future on this planet!

Kindness Isn’t Weakness

So many of us struggle with maintaining our beliefs in a world that is harsh and judgmental…

But we don’t have to lose hope when we encounter suffering.

Difficulty is everywhere – but, believe it or not, spraying foam is one way of alleviating the suffering of the world.

We keep on spraying so we can put food on the table, sure, but we are also building communities that are safe, reliable, and connected through our work!

We have a unique opportunity to witness to many people about what is good and true and right in life – and to spread the hope and peace that we all seek in our lives.

That doesn’t mean we should compromise our business policies when struggling people try to pull the wool over our eyes (get that down-payment up-front, folks!)…

But maybe we practice turning the other cheek when we encounter difficult customers, coworkers, distributors or delivery people…

Because we are all in this together. 

Maybe that difficult person’s life has just been turned on its head – you never really know what people are going through.

If we can reign in our anger, let go of our jealousy, and treat everyone like we would like to be treated, we could transform this industry!

We can change the world with spray foam – and we can help each other, and all those we come in contact with, along the way.

That’s what a community does…

And since you – yes, you! – are part of the Central Urethane Family – which, btw, is tighter than a community – and that means that we should all act as a family would!

We should treat one another with kindness and respect, and help each other up when any of our number falls.

At Central Urethane, we believe in community – and the power that each of us has over our actions and reactions.

We all make mistakes – we’re human – but by taking responsibility for our missteps, forgiving ourselves and our neighbors, and committing to a life of honesty and integrity, we can begin to reverse the vice-grip of hatred, derision, and polarization that so often runs the show in this country.

We can choose to be the change we want to see in this world…

And it all starts by actively choosing to show kindness – a true sign of inner and outer strength, not weakness, as it is often portrayed – and treating every person as the amazing creation that he or she truly is.

We each have a place at the table, each have a purpose to fulfill and a glorious life to live in this wonderful world – even people we don’t like, or people that try to take advantage of us.

We aren’t saying you should allow yourself to be walked on – you, too, are a beautiful creation and deserve to be treated with respect!  

What we are suggesting is using words as encouraging, uplifting tools instead of weapons, thinking before taking action, and, then, acting with integrity, even when it’s easier to cut corners.

With intentions like those, we really can change this industry – and the world – for the better.

Are you in?

Central Urethane Cares 

Central Urethane always strives to support the businesses that you – our valued customers – run, no matter what the size…but with a special focus on small businesses. 

We all start somewhere – and we want even the smallest of businesses to have equal opportunity in this industry.

We all deserve a chance to show the world what we are made of…

And sometimes, second or third chances are the ones that make the real difference.

There’s nothing better than relying on a community that is there to support us in times of need…

And as part of the Central Urethane Family, we care about you – whether you buy our foam or not.

We care about your physical and mental wellbeing…

We care about your family and how they are doing…

And we care that your business does the very best that it can in this industry.

That’s why we do all we can to make foam products that support you – products that work for you and with you, not against you!

We aren’t after your money…

We want to help you succeed.

Because when you succeed, the whole Central Urethane Family – every single one of us that makes and buys and sells and sprays and receives Central Urethane spray foam products – succeeds, too

For us, making foam is bigger than business.

Central Urethane is about supporting people where they’re at, helping people create better futures for themselves and their families – and finding hope in even the darkest times.

Because this too, shall pass, friend.

Every day is a new beginning, a fresh start.

And this moment – right now – is a chance to make choices we’re proud of.

With this moment, we can build a better world together…

One set of foam at a time.


In this season of renewal and growth – of life and hope and bright, new, fresh beginnings – join us in giving the kindness we all hope to receive, and let’s build a better future together!

Let’s help lift one another up, educate each other with grace, and foster the growth of all our fellow foamers – no matter how small, no matter how new, and no matter how different from ourselves.

We are so glad to have each of you as part of the Central Urethane Family.

And we hope you find this community a powerful and uplifting place to be.

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