Counting on a Bright Future with Central Urethane

At the heart of Central Urethane is a family.

The Dyson family.

The Dysons have been in business together for many years, and that business has taken on many shapes…

But no matter what the business venture – be it millwright work or spray foam blending – the Dysons rely on each other…

And they fall back on their faith.

Central Urethane is a different kind of spray foam business.

It’s a business that values great working relationships and making the future a better place to live.

For all of us.

How do the Dysons work toward a better future? They plan on the BEST case scenario coming to pass (while following safety regulations, of course), and step out on faith when the time comes!

Plan for the BEST case scenario with Central Urethane!

An Exercise In What We Call “Despair Culture”

It is a difficult time to focus on anything but the worst parts of humanity, isn’t it?

It’s just so easy to get caught up in the daily struggle we see on the news, so easy to be swept away by the overwhelming political atmosphere in our country.

So we come to expect the very worst from ourselves, our friends, and our neighbors.

Planning for the worst thing you can imagine is in our nature.

Grasping and scraping, we plan for the future – a time when things are inevitably worse than they are now…because the worst-case scenario is the most likely one to come true…right? (Spoilers: That’s a lie! Stick with us, here!)

When we hear it enough times, we begin to count on the horrible “truth”…

The “fact” that our futures will be an inevitable return to the Dark Ages. Horrible and dirty and hopeless…

It’s “true.” (Is it?) So, better get ready, man…your future’s gonna be worse than you could possibly imagine. (What? It is?!)

As if anyone could prepare for a life like that!

But we, as a culture, are convinced. We will never be happy again.

So we willingly fade…

Because it will help us when the worst inevitably arrives…right?  (It’s just over there, see it? That invisible, but ever-so-dark cloud?)

Wait, what?!?

That’s no way to live! It’s high time for a new lease on life!

Skip the Drama. Instead, LIVE!

Here’s some good news: we DO NOT need to base our lives on hate and fear and despair!

When we dial down the negativity screaming at us constantly and make a point to see the wonder in the world, a funny thing happens…

You find it!  The wonder, the hope, and the joy is there, too!

There is power in positive thinking, planning for the best, and stepping out on faith.

Take your power back!

Stop drowning in the lie that your life can never be good or fun or exciting – IT CAN BE!

You can prepare for many accidents and natural disasters and STILL expect good things to happen instead.

At Central Urethane, we do our best to plan for – and believe in! – the best-case scenario, while also taking steps to prepare for at least some of life’s infamous curveballs.

That means we do things like installing double-wall containment under our spray foam blending line, just in case…

But we hope – and choose to believe – that those precautions will never be needed! (…but they are there, in the event that they are needed…because that’s using our noggins!)

After those initial safety precautions are put in place, instead of worrying about whether something bad will happen, we choose to focus on preparing for a future in which everything goes well!

We want everything to go well – so why not focus on that future??

We don’t think that nothing will ever go wrong. We simply choose to focus on what can go RIGHT in our business – and in our lives! – watching for the good things that will arrive, rather than dreading the bad things that might.

Because when you focus on the good, you’ll notice more of it…

And that’s a much better way to live than wasting away in fear!

Stepping Out on Faith

Time moves us all. We grow, we change, and we (hopefully) learn.

None of us is perfect…

But that shouldn’t stop us from reaching toward our goals and dreams!

“Sometimes, life gives you lemons,” the old saying goes…but that’s no reason to only focus on those lemons!

What about all of life’s strawberries…and watermelons…and dragonfruit! that are right there, waiting for you??  Those are pretty awesome, man!

(I mean…have you ever tasted dragonfruit!?! It’ll change your life!)

Instead of always worrying, what if you take a few steps to prepare for (some of) life’s lemons, and then let each day take care of itself?

What if you took a leap of faith

And focused on the good things that could come into your life, rather than the scary things that keep you up at night? 

What if – after you took what precautions you could – you just…let those stressful things go?

Worrying isn’t helping anything.  It’s just keeping you stuck.

So take the leap!

Don’t be afraid of letting things unfold as they were meant to.  You might be surprised by their value to your future.

Planning for a brighter future does not mean that you should ignore struggles that need your attention in the present.

Sometimes, we need to let ourselves do what is necessary to heal.

And that’s okay.

We believe that allowing space for healing is so integral to growth in our lives that we feature the following paragraph on all of our spray foam barrels:

“At Central Urethane, we love our foam and hope that you do too. However, our foam is just the means we have to carry our our real passion, which is to glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ in our daily walks. Each and every one of us has struggles. Our job, as believers, is to help and uplift on another. If you are in need of prayer, for any reason, or would like to know more about having a relationship with Jesus, please feel free to call us. We are here for you!”

And we mean it.

If you need prayer or just need to talk about the struggles life has brought your way, please – do not hesitate to contact us at (260) 330-1658 or (405) 985-1492.

That said, we truly believe in the power of focusing on expressing gratitude for the good that comes into our lives.

And here’s the funny thing about planning for the best to arrive in the future…

More often than not, it shows up!

Trusting that it will is a leap of faith.

But maybe that trust is what you need most right now!

Mike Dyson – Central Urethane’s spray foam head-honcho – took a leap of faith when he started his own spray foam contracting business…

And then again, when he tried making his own foam!

John, Jeff (Mike’s dad), Janet, and Chris Dyson stepped out on faith when they started Wabash Industrial Services, a millwright and metal working company, and the parent company to Central Urethane…

And then again, when they purchased the gigantic warehouse that now holds the futures of both Wabash Industrial Services AND Central Urethane!

Without those actions, without the leaps of faith required of the Dysons, there would be no Central Urethane.

Even one leap of faith, one act of trust in a fantastic future, can lead to the space necessary for one.

Growing pains may come, but they are nothing compared to the amazing possibilities growth can bring in the future!


Is life handing you lemons today?

Well, hang on just a sec…we may have some sugar in the pantry…*rummage, rummage*…here it is!

Let’s make lemonade!  It’s delicious!

(And strawberry lemonade!? OMG!)

Now, lemonade in hand, let’s start planning for that bright future of yours…

The one where, more often than not, things go right!

Life is a gift.

You were made to reach for the stars and make the very best of the time you’ve been given.

So, never, ever give up on yourself.  No matter what.

Give yourself space to heal when you need to.

But never give up.

Because you have what it takes to make a fantastic life for yourself in this amazing world!

So, take that leap of faith….and maybe spray a little foam along the way.

(Give us a call…we can help you with the spray foam part!)

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